NLRexpress is a collection of plant NLR related motif ML predictors.

It includes the following modules:

  • CCexpress - includes for now only prediction of an extended version of the EDVID motif.
  • TIRexpress - consists in six motif predictors for conserved motifs in βA, αA, βC, αC, βD-αD1, αD3 elements.
  • NBSexpress - consists in nine motif predictors for : VG, P-loop, RNBS-A, RNBS-B, RNBS-C, RNBS-D, Walker-B, GLPL and MHD motifs.
  • LRRexpress - predicts LxxLxL patterns defining the individual LRR repeat.

Not limited to plant NLRs, the LRR module was developed to be also used for screening other LRR-containing protein classes regardless of their taxonomy.

More details can be found in the documentation.

Job name

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Used to facilite the retrieval of older jobs results. If not provided, older results can be retrieved only using the generated unique job ID provided to the user once the job is submitted.

Prediction module

Protein sequence(s):

FASTA format (1-100 sequences).

For submitting bulk jobs with >100 seq/job, please download the standlalone version from GitHub or contact us for a custom job.